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The most important thing to realize is that unlike high school tests which are "curriculum-centric", the competitive tests are "thought-process-centric". In other words, the primary goal of high school tests is to evaluate a student on his or her knowledge of the material. The primary goal of tests such as the SAT and ACT is to evaluate the critical thinking and analytical abilities of the student under time constraints - to this end, these tests use Math, Science, Writing and Reading Comprehension concepts to frame the necessary questions.

Our success is achieved by a teaching philosophy which recognizes this, and aligns the student's though process in the right direction. There is a big difference between presenting and teaching. We do not just throw material at the student and see if that sticks - it will not ever, unless the student sees a necessity for absorbing such knowledge. So we create a set of incremental self-confidence building measures for the student, and inculcate a sense of ownership of the problem in his or her mind. Only then they see the need for knowledge - in the form of different tools - to solve  problems. Read on to understand how we get results in a nutshell.


The vertices {a,b,c,d,e,f} in the knowledge dependency graph above correspond to different problem types. For example, a student needs to have knowledge of {a,c,b} in order to solve problem {d}, and knowledge of {a,b,c,d,e} to solve problem {f}.

There are several learning paths to reach vertex {f}. If a students cannot solve problem type {d} to advance his/her knowledge state, Artificially Intelligent software along with manual intervention decides on additional prep/test material in the areas of {b,c}.

We have been painstakingly developing libraries of problems over the last 16 years, along with relevant software. We work with knowledge structures in Math, Science, Writing, and Reading Comprehension, all of which are critical components of ALL the undergraduate and graduate college entrance tests we prep students for.


Our tutors are professional educators, with a prodigious amount of combined teaching experience in various fields. Success in these tests requires not only a solid background of course material, but also the ability to use it accurately, logically, carefully and in a timely manner. Our instructors bring a sound knowledge of foundation material, along with efficacious teaching that ensures success, to every class.


Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational and psychological experiment, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals and between groups of individuals. As part of our clinical experience with students, we have developed a unique method of accurately determining mental and emotional factors that lead to the build up of competitive instincts, conscious self-control of carelessness, constructive self-criticism, and ambition - all of which are critical to success in today's environments when both the tests, and college entrance criteria, are becoming tougher by the year. Our psychometric analysis techniques are based on the following two foundations: (1) construction of instruments and procedures for measurement, and (2) development and refinement of theoretical approaches to measurement.


The surest way to success is to align your logical and analytical abilities with those of the test setters. Our unique teaching style at Hitch Hiker's Guide To College ensures that students actively participate in analyzing questions and eliminating choices by thinking aloud and observing others do the same. Our instructors do not just give out the correct answers; instead, they initiate and maintain brainstorming sessions with the students so that they develop the crucial test-taking abilities. Each class is initially challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you start enjoying the sessions and grow in confidence leading up to the test.


In these tests, every second counts. Experience shows us that students typically waste valuable seconds choosing wrong questions to answer, or answering questions using the wrong methods. Our courses incorporate several in-class tests that are overlooked and timed by our instructors on an one-on-one basis. Post-analysis and deconstruction of these timed tests is one of the critical components of the success of our students.


Experience shows us that the above 3 teaching techniques can only be effective for a maximum class size of 3-4. Our novel teaching paradigms simply cannot be replicated by any mass-scale tutoring service. 80% of our students are 1-on-1, while the other 20% are micro-groups of sizes 2, 3, or 4.


One of the foundations for success is your knowledge base. The syllabi of these tests are vast and ever-changing, including materials from as early as 7th grade, till as late as senior year. At Hitch Hiker's Guide To College we guarantee that the test syllabus will be entirely covered as long as you register with us at least 4 weeks before the test. We have no vested interest in using foundation material of any particular publisher. We supplement our well developed study material with those of other publishers to provide you with an all-rounded study experience.


We analyze your tests in great depth using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software which is better than humans in classification, diagnosis and prediction, then cross correlate your answers from previous tests, deconstruct your mistakes in categories based on subject matter, conceptual gaps, and difficulty levels, and thereafter statistically follow your progression in our courses to pin-point and work on your personal weaknesses.

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